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Isaac is Deaf but hears with cochlear implants. He received his first cochlear implant on September 25th, 2006. He received his second cochlear implant on September 10, 2008. This is his journey with sound as told by mommy.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dirty Boat

Isaac is making the sign for "dirty" here. He is telling me his boat is dirty.

Here he is intently scrubbing his boat.

The other day, I took all of Isaac's bath toys and soaked them in bleach water to get the soap scum off them. I washed them in the kitchen sink and Isaac was very upset at the time. I don't know if he was confused because he was used to seeing the toys in the bath tub. Maybe he thought that I was taking the toys away.

Today, Isaac took his toy boat (it is actually a Mega Blocks boat but it floats really well in the bath tub so it became a bath toy) out of the bath tub and brought it to the kitchen sink. He made the sign for "dirty" and the sigh for "yes" as he shook his head up and down. He then proceeded to hurl the boat at the sink! I thought it was so cute. When he makes the sign for "dirty" he usually sticks his tongue out and makes a sound that sounds like "uuuugggghhh". I figured there was no harm in letting him clean his boat again. These are some of the pictures of him washing his boat.


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